Neodymium magneten voor magneetverf

Neodymium magnets

We support our customers, if desired, with strong neodymium magnets to create an optimal result. These magnets are distinguished from other magnets by the high attraction to the iron particles in our paint.

Iconic magnets

Iconic magnets

To give the magnet wall a personal character or to create even more overview, we supply magnets on which symbols, logos and words can be printed. The possibilities with printed magnets are endless. All words and symbols that contribute to brainstorming sessions, meetings and scrumming can be depicted on the magnets. The customer only needs to deliver the image material to us digitally and we make it into magnets. Because these magnets are easy to use and last much longer than paper notes, they can be used for years.

Magneetbehang en magneetverf

Magnetic Wallpaper

For companies that want to show (promotional) material or professionals who give a presentation externally, we make decorative Magnetic Wallpapers that are also supplied in large formats (for example 5 m2 long, 1 m2 wide). This is ideal for exhibitors and retailers who want to present their information quickly and briefly at a certain location. With our Magnetic Wallpaper, the user has created an attractive and professional presentation wall in no time, which can also be easily unrolled and wrapped.

Magfloor magnetische ondervloer


Magnetism is not only useful for the wall, but also for floors. We develop a magnetic floor paint that ensures that floor parts adhere to the painted ground. This is an alternative to click systems and floor glue.

With Magfloor, floor parts can be installed and removed quickly and easily. In the long term, only the worn floor parts can easily be replaced without having to open the rest of the floor. This is ideal for catering establishments, hospitals and the like.

Because Magfloor works so easily, the floor parts can be assembled as desired. For example with different colors and designs. When a company is moving, the floor can be reused at a new location. This prevents waste and thus Magfloor contributes to a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of materials.