With Magnetic Paint wall paint in no time at all you have a wall on which magnets will continue to stick!

The secret:
The secret lies in the paint. Magnetic Paint is a ready-mixed, lead-free, water-based acrylic latex and is available in 0,5, 1, 2,5 and 5 litre cans. You can overpaint Magnetic Paint with water-based wall paint in whatever colour you want or use it under wallpaper. It is receptive to magnetic action, because fine, non-rusting iron particles have been mixed into the paint (using a secret recipe). The paint is easy to use with a mohair roller, which is easy to clean with soap and water.

The benefits:
Magnetic Paint saves on expensive bulletin and cork boards. Sketches, posters, diagrams and drawings can be put up with harmless magnets; adhesive tape, staples, drawing pins and adhesive residue are a thing of the past.

Easy application:
The system has been optimised for three coats of Magnetic Paint with two finishing coats. Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth and water.

Magnetic Paint is a grey, non-flammable, acrylic resin-based dispersion. The paint contains iron particles which attract magnets. STIR Magnetic Paint THOROUGHLY before use to distribute these metal particles evenly. DO NOT DILUTE Magnetic Paint or mix it with any other paint or water. For best results use Magnetic Paint at room temperature indoors. If you want to be able to remove Magnetic Paint at a later date, paper over the surface first. For best possible results use on a smooth surface.

Prepare the surface to be painted as you would for any other paint. An irregular or highly porous surface will not produce the desired result. Always treat a wooden door with a primer first to enable Magnetic Paint wall paint to adhere properly. Use a mohair roller to apply Magnetic Paint to a wall. Do not spray. Allow Magnetic Paint to dry for at least 3-4 hours before applying another coat. One litre of paint will cover more than 2-2.5 m2. Test Magnetic Paint on a small area of the surface to be treated first. Decide whether two or three coats will be sufficient for your magnets. The effect of Magnetic Paint depends on the thickness of the coats applied and the size and strength of the magnets; more coats strengthen the magnetism; weak magnets will not work properly. Do not use heavy magnets. Two to three coats of Magnetic Paint will be sufficient for standard flexible “fridge” magnets.
Overpaint Magnetic Paint with whatever colour of paint you want or finish with (a thin) wallpaper. Remove any spills immediately with a damp cloth. Keep free from frost. Seal tin after use.

Magnetic Paint can be applied with a mohair roller or brush. Clean tools with soap and water after use.

Step-by-step plan

Magnet Paint 1

Step 1
The surface to be painted with magnetic paint should be smooth. Do not apply the paint to damp surfaces such as fresh plaster or wet rooms. Mask off the surface to be painted and stir the paint well before use. Never dilute the magnetic paint with water or other latex. Cover the surrounding area against splashes and drips.


Step 2a
Apply the paint with a fleece roller to get a good layer thickness. Spread the paint well
to ensure an even magnetic attraction force.


Step 2b
Apply two or more coats. The more coats you apply, the stronger the magnets will adhere. Test the magnetic force of the wall after the second coat and if necessary apply a third coat. Do not sand down the painted surface: the iron particles will come to the surface and no longer be protected by the paint.


Step 2c
Apply two or more coats. The more coats you apply, the stronger the magnets will adhere. Test the magnetic force of the wall after the second coat and if necessary apply a third coat. Do not sand down the painted surface: the iron particles will come to the surface and no longer be protected by the paint.


Step 3
Allow each coat to dry for at least 4 hours, to ensure that the next coat will adhere properly to the base. If the base is not absorbent (e.g. a door) double the drying time. On unstable bases, first apply a water-based primer to prevent flaking.


Step 4a
After 24 hours you can paint over the magnetic paint with a water-based paint in any colour.


Step 4b
If the background is unstable, double the drying time here too. We advise you to use a water-based eggshell or masonry paint as a top coat. This is stronger, washable and gives better protection against damage to the base. If you choose another finish, contact us first for technical advice.


Step 5
The wall is ready for use. If you choose a different colour later, first apply a new coat of
magnetic paint.

Detailed instructions

Magnetic Paint – Frequently asked questions

Is Magnetic Paint safe to use at home?
Yes. Magnetic Paint is safe for children. It is lead-free and complies with international environmental requirements and EC regulations.

Can Magnetic Paint interfere with my computer or a pacemaker?
No. The paint itself is not magnetic, but contains iron particles which attract magnets, just like a fringe door. It can therefore be used safely in the home and it does not interfere with computer equipment or a pacemaker, for example, in any way.

Is Magnetic Paint easy to use?
Yes. Magnetic Paint can be used on any smooth surface that can be painted. In order to mix the iron particles evenly through the paint, stir well before use! The drying time is 3- 4 hours, but wait 24 hours before applying the coloured top coat (paint or wallpaper). Prepare the ground in advance in the usual way for a surface that is to be painted.

Does it work with all kinds of magnets?
No, excessively weak or strong magnets do not adhere. Light-weight and large/flat magnets are ideal for Magnetic Paint. It is therefore perfect for magnetic letters, all (cut-out forms of) magnetic sheets, refrigerator magnets and magnetic games, but not for holding piles of memos or large/heavy posters.

How much do I need?
With one litre you can cover 2-2.5m2 in two to three coats. Note that you need at least two coats for a magnetic effect. More than three coats are generally not needed. Otherwise, first experiment with a small pack to see what produces the desired result.

How does it work?
Any wall that is painted with Magnetic Paint looks like an ordinary wall, but with an invisible advantage – magnets stick to the wall! With Magnetic Paint the space between floor and ceiling becomes a play or work area. Typical areas of application are commercial, business, private, education and medical.

What colours are available?
Only one. Magnetic Paint is a light-grey latex, over which any colour top coat can be painted. Instead of applying paint, the wall can also be finished with light wallpaper. Heavy wallpaper reduces the magnetic effect.

In what packs is Magnetic Paint supplied?
0,5 – 1 – 2,5 and 5 litre cans.

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