An increasing number of companies, knowledge centres and organizations experience the endless possibilities of Whiteboard Paint. Complete walls, doors or pieces of furniture are written on with special whiteboard markers in order to develop business processes, projects and innovative ideas.

The idea originates in the United States, where many innovative businesses apply this type of paint in their offices. A whiteboard wall can help you to prioritize, phase and structure certain tasks or create a visual time line, amongst other things. By working out their ideas on an entire wall, instead of within the limited boundaries of the traditional whiteboard, professionals are given limitless space to make processes transparent and show their creativity.

Our Whiteboard Paint is also very suitable for meeting places, schools, bars and restaurants or even at home. People like to post small ads on the wall of a coffee shop. Or leave messages and drawings for each other on the bathroom or kitchen door. Are these messages outdated or unwanted? You can easily remove them from the wall with a wiper, without having to use a cleaning spray.

In short, our Whiteboard Paint offers countless opportunities to countless people. That makes it appealing not only to users but also to you as a producer and supplier.